Work with Marilyn

We all want to feel powerful in our lives and in the world. We want to experience the power and joy of having thoughts, feelings, and actions working in unison to create the life we desire. Our feelings of anxiety, worry and overwhelm are here to guide us to our True Selves. You have left parts of yourself behind. They are calling out to you to remember them, to bring them back Home, parts you need to create the life you desire. Let’s go get them. I’ll show you how!

3 Ways to Work with Marilyn

  1. Self- study online programs designed for people who can follow through on their own to learn. Click here to learn more.
  2. Group programs through phone designed for those who need support and accountability to follow through with their healing goals. This is for people who learn best through hearing and sharing with others and their experiences. These programs are offered a few times a year. Click here to learn more.
  3. Personalized sessions within the Wisdom Within System, that supports you every step of the way, working with your unique gifts and challenges, to reach your goals. Details on this option below.

What To Expect from The Wisdom Within System

Sessions are designed to support you in traveling out of chaos into calm, according to The Wisdom Within System. As you release the chaos, you will discover an increased ability to develop your personal power.

This introductory program gives you the foundational skills to shift your thinking and balance your emotions. This system provides lifestyle skills, energy realignment, and emotional balance education to integrate change quickly. The foundation package allows for the optimal integration of these new skills into your life, to provide a way of creating more calm and less chaos.

The Wisdom Within System

  • Listen and receive insights through the wisdom of the body and spirit
  • Clear energy blockages to remove barriers to clear thinking and positive emotions
  • Nurture mindfulness to foster self-compassion, self-care, and self-awareness
  • Manage critical self-talk by transforming the inner critic into an ally
  • Develop methods to connect to your guidance, your Wisdom Within
  • Hear the messages behind your fears and self-judgments, activating self-empowerment
  • Confidently move forward to implement inspired action
  • Reclaim the joy in your life

Learn a unique combination of

  • Mindfulness and loving-kindness meditations
  • Chakra and aura awareness exercises
  • Energy medicine techniques such as energy healing, flower essences and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and more!
  • Inner critic management system and bypassing self-sabotage
  • Mindset skills for positive success

LEVEL 1: Your First Step to Transformation: Chaos to Calm Foundation Program

Who needs chaos when you can learn the skills to have balance in your life? This introductory package gives you the foundational skills to shift your thinking and balance your energy and emotions. Depending on your timing, this package can take a month to two months to prepare your foundation for deeper work. Since this package teaches fundamental skills of the system, it is a prerequisite program for all other packages.

After completing this foundational series of individualized, one-on-one sessions and online training, you are able to deepen your skills with Level 2. Your next program will be chosen dependent on the needs that arise in the foundation program. Areas of specialization include: Banishing Self-Sabotage • Accessing Guidance • Subtle Energy Awareness • Break Through Pain

Does this call out to you? Is your Wisdom Within speaking to you to say YES?

I’m so glad you are here! I’d love to help you clear the chaos that creates static, making your Wisdom Wisdom harder to hear. I want to help you hear Your Wisest Knowing clearly, so you have your own guidance to help you manage the challenges in your life. Part of living is dealing with challenges- they don’t disappear- but you can develop the skills you need to move forward without letting your fear be a big roadblock! Isn’t it time you moved forward towards your goals in confidence and joy? Let me help you.

If this program is the next right step for you, please fill out the application form below.

The application form helps me get clear on your needs and how I can best support you in meeting your goals.  I promise to contact you within 24 – 48 business hours to set up a call to discuss if you are a right fit for the program. That means you are committed to your growth through learning the skills necessary to move out of the chaos of your victimhood to the calm of self-empowerment. All you need is a willingness to learn. Let’s do this together!

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