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Sometimes words alone cannot describe the changes that happen inside us. Often change happens below our perception, below the radar. It may take time to be able to put into words the changes that are happening on such a deep level. These clients have honored me with sharing testimonials of their transformations.

Marilyn has powerful intuition. I found that it was easy for her to identify things I was feeling that I couldn’t put into words myself. I appreciated her ability to empathize with me. I found her energy to be very soft, caring, and nurturing. The essences she chose for me definitely addressed issues I was having and gave me a more hopeful mindset for my healing journey.

BB, Cinnaminson, NJ

I recently was devastated when a relationship I threw my heart and soul into ended. I was stuck. I was confused. I was irrational. A dear friend suggested I call Marilyn. Despite the fact that we live several states away, she said Marilyn could help by just talking on the phone. Wow! Was my friend right on! Marilyn is such a sweet and compassionate healer. She listens. She nourishes. She challenges. The comfort she provided me in my elevated and anxious state was absolutely a turning point for me. Working with her has given me the strength to overcome this gut-wrenching wound. I am now reconnecting with my true self and I am experiencing and owning my self-worth once again. I give her the highest praise and recommendation. She is a talented and beautiful soul. Thank you, Marilyn. 

CK, Shelby Township, MI
If you are looking for someone who can laser focus on the issues that prevent you from moving forward, Marilyn is the one to work with so you experience life as great again! Marilyn has helped me see the Light when I have gone through some very difficult life challenges. She is comforting, understanding and shows you the tools to help yourself, now and in the future. Before working with Marilyn, I struggled with recurring life issues. I knew I needed to do inner work to resolve them and move forward in my life. In working with Marilyn, I discovered ways to look within myself and heal childhood wounds, which gave me a deep sense of inner peace.

Additional Testimonials…..

Thank you so much for the Akashic reading you did for me- I wanted to let you know how side-swiped I was by the information I received from it.  I am a graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, and consider myself fairly plugged into concepts like self-care, ebb and flow, and the general care and attention needed to be present in the world.  That being said- WOW- your reading really showed me what a blind spot I have, with being willing to allow life to unfold.  I knew that my tendency was to “push” in order to move forward in my life, but the reading really opened me up to understanding the value of allowing what is.  I mean- I knew that- of course I knew that- but I didn’t KNOW that- really KNOW that– know what I mean?  😉

Along with that HUGE insight (I kept thinking to myself- how did I not see that???!!!), I also received information that fit seamlessly into my life- information that confirms that I am on the right path in terms of taking care of myself and honoring my own rhythm.  An amazing part of the reading was when you keep seeing the word FREEDOM again and again- little did you know that I had recently changed my password to FREEDOM (!!!), so clearly that is a key concept for me to embrace in this moment.

Thank you so much for your time and presence.  The information feels deep and powerful- and I feel like it will reverberate within me for some time to come.

KW, Boyertown, PA

Thank you for my Akashic Record Reading yesterday, it was very enlightening.  I felt extremely comforted at the beginning of our session as you described beings of light circling me (I actually felt their presence in the room). It was obvious that you tapped into the Records because you used the exact words that I received during my meditation the night before “rearranging furniture”.  You sensed my current path was very bumpy and advised me not to be impatient, but to allow myself to be guided. You assured me that my current uncomfortable transition would anchor me into my power and you could see me in the future as a tree, rooted and very strong. It really was an amazing reading.  Thank you!

PC, Scottsdale, AZ

I am so incredibly grateful to have met Marilyn and that she has been able to join our family’s path for healing and learning! She has worked on my two sons, myself, and my two cats with great success. I especially enjoy watching the growth and empowerment my 6 year old son experiences from working with the essences. He is a very sensitive soul and can experience distress easily from stressors. He is now able to identify when he starts having an in-balance of thoughts and will ask for his flower essence. This has prevented many mild physical symptoms from going into something more significant, such as a headache. This will be such an amazing tool for him as he grows to have the power to identify his issues, and then work through them with the essences.

 MM, New Hampshire

Marilyn is fantastic as a flower essence  practitioner!!!  She helped my 5 year old son when he was very sick without even physically seeing him. She was able to identify a stressor that led to the illness without any information about it from me! In fact, an incident had happened that was very stressful for my son that I hadn’t even thought to mention to anyone. He had a high fever and a terrible headache, and the pediatrician’s office said that it was a virus/flu that would probably keep him bedridden for at least 5 days. He responded immediately to the flower essence and was better by the next morning!! He went from not able to move at all in bed to being out at the Zoo the whole next day. What a relief!! I am so grateful to have met her!

 MM, New Hampshire

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