Can House Cleaning Teach Us Healing?

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Cleaning and healing???

Cleaning and healing : As I return to activities of daily living after kidney donation surgery, imagine my surprise feeling great joy as I was cleaning the bathroom. I had spent most of the last 6 weeks being coddled, resting so I could heal quickly and without any complications. My life was focused on healing. My energy level had to be nourished so I did not become exhausted. Even mental activity drained my energy reserve in the first few weeks after surgery. I finally would feel drawn to an activity, alerting me I had the energy to attempt the task. Slowly more activities showed up on the screen of my awareness, telling me if I didn’t overdo it, it was okay to reclaim an activity to my schedule. This week the object of my desire was cleaning the bathroom…

Do You Maintain Emotional Balance? Quiz

do you maintain emotional balance

How well do you balance your responsibilities with self-care?

Do you maintain emotional balance? Most of us have so many demands on our time and energy, it takes conscious attention to our needs  to live a happy life. Take this quiz to see how well you are meeting responsibilities, while also recognizing and fulfilling personal needs and wants.

True  False

    1. The only way I can successfully manage my life is to take care of myself physically and emotionally.

    2. Nurturing myself enlarges my capacity to help others.

    3. I eat healthfully and exercise regularly.

    4. I get check-ups, go to the dentist, and take preventative precautions.

    5. I set aside personal, quiet time for myself, whether I’m meditating or simply letting my thoughts drift. 

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9 Tips for Avoiding Overwhelm during the Holiday Season

avoiding overwhelm9 Tips for Avoiding Overwhelm during the Holiday Season

The holiday season starts earlier every year. This year set an intention to make your holiday season joyous and festive without the added disappointments and stress that can also be part of the holidays. Take time to become mindful of your needs. Set a plan of action to meet them this holiday season.

Take time to become mindful of your needs. Set a plan of action to meet them this holiday season. Click To Tweet

1. Tune into your needs. Make sure you plan times and events that are suitable for your schedule. Take time before the holiday frenzy starts to connect with yourself. After the whirlwind gets going, it is harder to disengage from it.  Decide what you determine what is important.

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Finding Your Way Out of Indecision

making choices (2)How does it feel when you need to make a decision and you just get so confused your head spins? Do you start to panic? Find out how to come out of the chaos and into the calm by listening to the tips on this audio.


The Sacred Fire of Your Life

Tend the sacred fire of your life.

Tend the sacred fire of your life.

One day you wake up and think “is this it? Scanning my self generating to-do list, juggling required tasks that scream urgent, doing everything for others- family, job, community – where is this headed? Help! My life is out of control! Where are all the things in life that created excitement, vibrancy, and the desire to jump out of bed in the morning?” When the demands on your time have a greater importance than you and your sanity, overwhelm reigns and joy vanishes.

Making the outer world in charge of your schedule only creates a victim mentality. It is time to take your power back. Set an intention: carve out time to get answers on resolving this situation.

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Really? How can these feelings be a gift?


A new client has been having a challenging time lately. She works too many hours and isn’t making enough money to pay her debts. She has been troubled by anxiety, fear, anger, and frustration. She has been cycling through them and feels swept up in an endless cycle with no way out…she feels trapped.

These feelings are unpleasant to experience but I tell her “ these feelings are here to help you. There are the guideposts to healing. Pushing down feelings to escape them causes more pain then finding a way to be with them and accepting them in the moment. Learn to be mindful of the sensations and feelings so a new understanding can emerge.”

I ask her to name her feelings, to describe the body sensations. She replies, “I am feeling sensations of fear. My body is restless, my mind is racing, my breathing is so shallow I can barely feel it. I have a jittery feeling in my belly and I can’t sit still.”

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Completing your Emotional First Aid Kit

Wrapping up the basic Emotional First Aid Kit with a video! Included are tips on assembling your kit. Just a reminder- if you have been reading my blog and have been finding it helpful, don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter and receive a free audio gift. Sign up is on the right side of this page. You will receive quick tips for keeping emotionally balanced.

Completing your Emotional First Aid Kit

The Tapping Solution to Defuse Stress

Winding down on the “contents” for the Emotional First Aid Kit….Tapping is a wonderful technique for alleviating stress and emotional pain. I utilize this technique with clients (and for myself) because it works! This video will show you how to use this technique for emergency situations, but you must practice it so you know how to use it when you really need it. And why not? It is great to use it every day so that you can eliminate your daily stress -no need for stress to build up into chronic distress. For everyday use, you will need more guidance to use it efficiently, but for emotional first aid, just tapping the points will eliminate your stress level.

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De-stress! Hold those Neuro Vascular Points


Today’s addition to the Emotional First Aid Kit is a technique that you can do anytime or anywhere. The neuro vascular (NV) holding points  (this one is called The Frontal & Occipital Hold) will help you release stress and eliminate the zone-out effect of worry.

By holding the forehead (Frontal Lobe)  and the back brain (Occipital Lobe), we can assist the blood in the brain to circulate more efficiently. Stress draws the blood circulation away from the frontal brain, eliminating our ability to think clearly. Blood is being sent all over the body to activate flight, running away from a threatening situation like a wild animal looking to have us for its next meal. I don’t know about you, but I can’t remember having to run to avoid being someone’s lunch. Some days I do feel like I am running away from my inner fears and worries…running doesn’t help. But this technique will!

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Is there help for heartbreak? It’s in your Emotional First Aid kit!


Lose your job? Or loved one? After any painful loss-relationship breakup, illness, death- your heart aches, you feel torn apart, shattered- what can you do? Most people just suffer, not realizing that they can be supported to regain balance while healing the feelings. Grief Relief is another Flourish Formula from Flower Essence Services that helps to rebuild strength and acceptance after experiencing grief.

When we experience loss we tend to isolate and feel alone, drowning in our feelings or numbing out. We forget that everyone experiences heartbreak or grief. We forget how devastatingly human it is to experience loss. And maybe before now you didn’t know that there is a non drug support for you to use.  This formula helps you to find new meaning in the loss  and help soothe the pain so that you can move forward in your life again and eventually see new possibilities.

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