Managing Change

Managing Change
Everything in your life is sailing along. Your livelihood feels secure, your family is healthy, life is good. You have a plan for the next few months that seems doable and you are on track. Then some event brings change to your peaceful life. You learn very quickly your level of skill in managing change.
You get a phone call- a serious one that requires your attention and action on your part. A parent requires nursing home care for a prolonged illness. Your single adult child was in a car accident. You have a surprise health issue that requires surgery. There is the initial anxiety of “now what?”  Somehow the adrenaline kicks in and you do what needs to be done. Or you hide in your room with anxiety and worry. 

Staying Stuck is Easy


Staying stuck is easy. It is an uncomfortable habit that feels so familiar it becomes comfortable. It turns up the volume on fear so high that to move in any direction instills a panicky feeling.

Staying stuck is easy. You feel trapped and victimized, convincing yourself that doing anything different will kill you. That’s why you stay stuck.

Have you ever felt this?

Staying stuck is easy until you realize the pain of staying stuck is greater than the fear of moving forward. 

Staying stuck is easy until you realize the pain of staying stuck is greater than the fear of moving forward. Click To Tweet

The courage of risking everything is finally worth the freedom of moving forward, making decisions and claiming your vision. Hopes and dreams of what life could be comes into view and helps you move forward.

I have let this fear stop me many times in my life. I spent many years feeling stuck, unable to make even a small step towards my dreams. There were many times when I would take a few steps but then refused to go any further. This is just as painful because you see your goal in front of you but no path to reach it. I guess if I weren’t so persistent I would just clean the slate board and completely forget that goal.

I felt as if I were on a seesaw. I could see my goal in front of me -my emotional freedom.   I wanted out of despair and panic. But how?

I felt as if I were on a seesaw. I could see my goal in front of me - my emotional freedom. I wanted out of despair and panic. But how? Click To Tweet [Read more…]

Finding Answers To Life’s Questions


How do you find answers to Life’s questions? Does confusion reside in you?  How do you live in the unknown? How do you plan for the future when you don’t have answers???

Sometimes finding answers to Life’s questions gets placed on hold. In my recovery from kidney donation surgery, it was a challenge to plan for the future. I had spent 4 months planning for the surgery and 4 months to recover to my pre-surgery health. Medical testing, doctor appointments, exercise, and energy therapy appointments consumed my attention. I couldn’t focus on anything else. There could be no planning for my post-surgery future. I knew the donation would change my life in ways I couldn’t imagine. How can you plan for the future when you are in a phase of becoming? How can you find answers to Life’s questions?

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Mindfulness – Managing the Chaos of Modern Life

Today’s world requires methods of managing stress and finding emotional balance. The fast pace of everyday life, with numerous demands on our time and energy, often leaves us frazzled and anxious. Our minds are always busy, analyzing, evaluating and planning.

The nature of the mind is to think. Its ability to move quickly is both gift and a challenge: how to manage the speed and insistence of the mind when calm is needed? [Read more…]

Can House Cleaning Teach Us Healing?

moments of insight

Cleaning and healing???

Cleaning and healing : As I return to activities of daily living after kidney donation surgery, imagine my surprise feeling great joy as I was cleaning the bathroom. I had spent most of the last 6 weeks being coddled, resting so I could heal quickly and without any complications. My life was focused on healing. My energy level had to be nourished so I did not become exhausted. Even mental activity drained my energy reserve in the first few weeks after surgery. I finally would feel drawn to an activity, alerting me I had the energy to attempt the task. Slowly more activities showed up on the screen of my awareness, telling me if I didn’t overdo it, it was okay to reclaim an activity to my schedule. This week the object of my desire was cleaning the bathroom…

Decision Making – How Do You Decide?

decision making

Decision Making – Do you ever think about decision making? How do you decide?

I’ve been busy making a big decision. During the past three months, I have been absorbed in a deep process of making a life-altering decision and charting a path to make this a reality. It has taken much of my energy and I am growing exponentially through it. Wow, it’s been quite a ride!

The reason I am sharing this – to help you observe how you navigate through decision-making in daily life. For you to notice the process you use. Do you overthink it? Do you fret and make yourself anxious? Are you methodical? Do you use a dart board?

My decision is huge, as it has ramifications for my personal life, my extended family, my clients, as well as my spiritual life. This decision, after much self-inquiry, prayer, meditation, research and support from loved ones, is solidly confirmed. Unlike other decisions I have made in my life, even ones of less importance, this one was made without my usual list of pros and cons, and an ever-growing list of fears and what if’s.

It was made from a deep knowing that I have not questioned for even a second.

In making this decision, I had zero anxiety.  At times I observe myself and I don’t even recognize me.

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Anxiety Release – Find the Present Moment

anxiety releaseAnxiety Release- How can you find calm in the midst of turbulence? Is there a way out? 

Find the Present Moment!  

The following mindfulness exercise gives your mind a focus, allowing you to shift your perspective away from anxiety, and towards the peace of the present moment. Set some time aside ( 5-10 minutes) in a comfortable chair, away from distractions. Do this whenever you need an anxiety release.

To shift your perspective, take a few deep, slow breaths, following the in and the out breath for a few minutes.

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Manifest Your Future By Looking Ahead

Manifest your Future

Manifest Your Future By Looking Ahead, Not From The Rear View Mirror

I spent much of my life being guided by what I saw in my rear view mirror. When using rear view mirrors, you know there are distortions in what you see. One thing I learned about this strategy is that I wasn’t just stuck, I was going backward. That is where I was placing my focus. I learned to manifest my future by looking at the past. I made decisions based on evidence from the trauma of my early childhood. I kept spinning in the beliefs of a powerless child. I created my present day reality from that sad, hurt and lonely place of a disempowered child.

Here’s what I got….fear, despair, frustration, overwhelm and a huge dose of self-doubt, self-judgment, and self-hate. Because what you focus on grows. My past was ever-present, still scaring me in my adulthood, repeating my past every day.

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Do You Maintain Emotional Balance? Quiz

do you maintain emotional balance

How well do you balance your responsibilities with self-care?

Do you maintain emotional balance? Most of us have so many demands on our time and energy, it takes conscious attention to our needs  to live a happy life. Take this quiz to see how well you are meeting responsibilities, while also recognizing and fulfilling personal needs and wants.

True  False

    1. The only way I can successfully manage my life is to take care of myself physically and emotionally.

    2. Nurturing myself enlarges my capacity to help others.

    3. I eat healthfully and exercise regularly.

    4. I get check-ups, go to the dentist, and take preventative precautions.

    5. I set aside personal, quiet time for myself, whether I’m meditating or simply letting my thoughts drift. 

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9 Tips for Avoiding Overwhelm during the Holiday Season

avoiding overwhelm9 Tips for Avoiding Overwhelm during the Holiday Season

The holiday season starts earlier every year. This year set an intention to make your holiday season joyous and festive without the added disappointments and stress that can also be part of the holidays. Take time to become mindful of your needs. Set a plan of action to meet them this holiday season.

Take time to become mindful of your needs. Set a plan of action to meet them this holiday season. Click To Tweet

1. Tune into your needs. Make sure you plan times and events that are suitable for your schedule. Take time before the holiday frenzy starts to connect with yourself. After the whirlwind gets going, it is harder to disengage from it.  Decide what you determine what is important.

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