Resolving Conflicts

Conflict -have you had one lately? It seems to be everywhere. How do you begin resolving conflicts? People refuse to listen to another’s opinion because it differs from theirs. What happens inside us to create a wall between us and another? Is is really so threatening to us that others don’t agree with us?

Resolving conflicts- is it even possible? I have spent the past year thinking about this topic. The political climate in the U.S. has been creating a division for years. My question -what can we do?

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If Donald Trump Practiced Mindfulness

Donald Trump practiced mindfulness

If Donald Trump Practiced Mindfulness

My mind wanders sometimes…

what would it be like to be a spiritual mentor for a character in a TV show such as Game of Thrones or The Sopranos? These characters have mega-sized personalities that display imbalances that are striking. How would they act connected to their Essence and living their Souls’ purpose? What practices would they need to learn? What energy medicines would be most suitable for them to use? 

While watching these shows, I find myself choosing a flower essence for Tyrion Lannister. What flower essence would eliminate the self-pity that blocks his innate leadership capabilities? (That flower essence is Bach Flower Remedy Pine.) With the right remedy, I envision Livia Soprano, Tony’s self-absorbed mother, being a compassionate nurturer. The Bach Flower Essence Heather would help her fill herself from within, rather than from the negative attention of her adult children.

I see them both transformed, coming from a place of balanced power, aligned with Spirit. I rejoice at their every advance forward….and then I wake up from this dream.  Ah, but they aren’t real people, just fictional characters.

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Fear or Peace – It’s Your Choice


Fear or Peace – It’s Your Choice

You awaken in the morning. You brush the grogginess from your mind.You stretch your body. Before your feet hit the floor, you unconsciously set into motion how your day will proceed. You chose consciously or unconsciously what you create today. Affirm your power as an enlightened creator. It’s time to make a choice, one that comes from the deepest wisdom within you. The big question of the day – do you want to live in fear or peace?

In our most powerful moments, we easily chose peace. When tired and distracted by the repetition our daily tasks, we become lulled into unconsciousness. Our choices devolve into unconscious reactions. When fear knocks on our door, we let it in before recognizing this new visitor. Often it is a visitor that refuses to leave. We have forgotten that we are empowered beings who can make a choice. Now, what do we do???

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Mindfulness – Managing the Chaos of Modern Life

Today’s world requires methods of managing stress and finding emotional balance. The fast pace of everyday life, with numerous demands on our time and energy, often leaves us frazzled and anxious. Our minds are always busy, analyzing, evaluating and planning.

The nature of the mind is to think. Its ability to move quickly is both gift and a challenge: how to manage the speed and insistence of the mind when calm is needed? [Read more…]

Stories Have Power

Stories Have Power

Stories have power. Choose them wisely.

Children have a limited understanding of life and make up stories to fill in the blanks. They are egocentric, focusing on the ME. It’s just a developmental stage, a necessary step to the forming of the personality. They try to make sense of events as they experience them. Unfortunately, their impressions are usually wrong.  As a child, we don’t realize stories have power when we create them. Many times, these impressions stay with us as adults, and we hardly ever question them.

Some of these impressions are the stories we tell ourselves that often bring pain for a lifetime if we don’t stop to examine them to see they were based on faulty perceptions.

I have faulty perceptions from my childhood. When the pain created by them grabs my attention, I bring them into the light to shift the perception into a truthful one. I hate to cause myself pain if I can avoid it. Believe me, I have experienced enough self-created pain, and it’s my personal mission to help myself and clients develop tools to let go of any avoidable pain.

This story caused me pain…it was a painful story I told myself.

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Anxiety Release – Find the Present Moment

anxiety releaseAnxiety Release- How can you find calm in the midst of turbulence? Is there a way out? 

Find the Present Moment!  

The following mindfulness exercise gives your mind a focus, allowing you to shift your perspective away from anxiety, and towards the peace of the present moment. Set some time aside ( 5-10 minutes) in a comfortable chair, away from distractions. Do this whenever you need an anxiety release.

To shift your perspective, take a few deep, slow breaths, following the in and the out breath for a few minutes.

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Anxiety From Imperfections?

Anxiety and Imperfections


How much time do you spend feeling disappointed- with people, with events, with yourself? What happens when a plan doesn’t manifest as you expected it? Can you acknowledge you expected something different, yet  stay free to move forward, revise the plan to make it a success? Or do you get stuck in defeat and let it stop you from attempting another plan?

Being able to deal with life’s disappointments is a wonderful self-mastery skill to develop. Because of how our reptilian brain works, we seek safety and avoid pain. So it’s no surprise: focusing on life’s imperfections activates a sense of threat in the reptilian brain. This part of the brain is always on the lookout for danger and is the safety mechanism that triggers the fight or flight response. Thank goodness for this primitive part of the brain because it keeps us alive in threatening situations.

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7 Self Care Tips to Support Emotional Healing

selfcareSelf care is crucial to emotional healing.

Emotional pain doesn’t happen at a convenient times. Everything seems to be going along fine and suddenly, in a flash, you find yourself at the bottom of an emotional hole in the ground with no way out. Everything seems  all wrong.You have tripped into what I call an “emotional land mine.”  That is an emotional trigger that gets tripped by a recent event that indicates some unfinished emotional business. You are hurting, and often don’t even know why. Or you may recognize a hurt from the past -your resentment of a cruel mother, or a hurt from a previous lover. You feel awful and don’t quite know what to do.

Healing takes intention, support and wisdom. Getting professional support such as energy healing and counseling helps to navigate and get the quickest rewards from your challenge. Don’t go it all alone. A qualified professional knows the journey. It’s like having a GPS for your journey into uncharted territory. This will support you with  the steps that are necessary to heal.

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Manage Your Fear

manage your fearManage Your Fear

Can seeing your life from a bigger picture actually help manage your fear? Let’s face it- even when we have a daily spiritual practice, we can still get entranced in a troubling emotion or challenge. It can be awhile before we can step back, reawaken the witness perspective and see the big picture. How can we manage our fear if not by seeing the big picture?

Yes, we are multidimensional beings but sometimes we make a crash-landing back to earth without a parachute! Ouch.

I can speak of my own experience lately. I support clients through anxiety and fear, developing strategies to befriend it, and get its deep soul message to release it. Since I have been developing new ways to reach those in need of my message, I have been stretching way out of my comfort zone. You may be familiar what happens when you step out of your comfort zone- yikes! a sh**load of panic!
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Finding Your Way Out of Indecision

making choices (2)How does it feel when you need to make a decision and you just get so confused your head spins? Do you start to panic? Find out how to come out of the chaos and into the calm by listening to the tips on this audio.


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