Fear or Peace – It’s Your Choice


Fear or Peace – It’s Your Choice

You awaken in the morning. You brush the grogginess from your mind.You stretch your body. Before your feet hit the floor, you unconsciously set into motion how your day will proceed. You chose consciously or unconsciously what you create today. Affirm your power as an enlightened creator. It’s time to make a choice, one that comes from the deepest wisdom within you. The big question of the day – do you want to live in fear or peace?

In our most powerful moments, we easily chose peace. When tired and distracted by the repetition our daily tasks, we become lulled into unconsciousness. Our choices devolve into unconscious reactions. When fear knocks on our door, we let it in before recognizing this new visitor. Often it is a visitor that refuses to leave. We have forgotten that we are empowered beings who can make a choice. Now, what do we do???

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Travel With Me to Kidney Transplant Land

Version 3

I’m on a journey and I’m inviting you to travel with me to kidney transplant land. 

I'm on a journey and I'm inviting you to travel with me to kidney transplant land. Click To Tweet

This journey to kidney transplant land has taken many months and a few twists and turns in the road. You may already know I have decided to donate a kidney to my brother, Bob ( pre-surgery photo of us above). If you think the Chaos to Calm expert doesn’t experience fear, let me say this clearly….you are wrong! Facing this kidney transplant surgery with a positive expectation and a whole team of specialists in energy medicine supporting me has helped to minimize my fear, but truth be told, it’s still there. And  the reality is…I’m the only one who can manage it.

I’m inviting you to follow along on my journey so that you may find some tips to help you in your quest to manage that many-headed hydra also known as worry, fear, and anxiety. I have had to deal with anxiety about my future health as well as my brother’s ability to accept the kidney I am donating.

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Manage Your Fear

manage your fearManage Your Fear

Can seeing your life from a bigger picture actually help manage your fear? Let’s face it- even when we have a daily spiritual practice, we can still get entranced in a troubling emotion or challenge. It can be awhile before we can step back, reawaken the witness perspective and see the big picture. How can we manage our fear if not by seeing the big picture?

Yes, we are multidimensional beings but sometimes we make a crash-landing back to earth without a parachute! Ouch.

I can speak of my own experience lately. I support clients through anxiety and fear, developing strategies to befriend it, and get its deep soul message to release it. Since I have been developing new ways to reach those in need of my message, I have been stretching way out of my comfort zone. You may be familiar what happens when you step out of your comfort zone- yikes! a sh**load of panic!
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