What a transformation! I am writing this post on the 1 year Anniversary of my kidney donation to my brother Bob. I look back over the year nostalgically. Each part of the journey – the decision to donate, the pre-surgery testing and preparation, and heartfelt discussions with my family – all had an important impact on my life.

I don’t focus on what I lost, but on what I have gained. I focus on the deepening relationship with my brother. I revel at the personal/spiritual growth this journey facilitated. I faced fear of the unknown of what lies ahead. I released the need to know what would happen, allowing me to be present in the moment. I appreciated the simple joyful moments as they arose.

The one thing my mind still chews on – who have I become through this amazing transformation?

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Kidney Transplant Surgery and Beyond #TeamKidney

pre op

Kidney transplants – what an amazing miracle!

My brother Bob and I are indebted to the special people at The University of Pennsylvania Hospital Kidney Transplant Institute. The staff calmly supported us through the kidney transplant surgery education process, efficiently following up with appointments and details. They made a potentially stressful situation as easy as possible.

After I received my approval for donation, plans were set into motion for the surgeries. Our surgeons met with us to complete any other medical information and to answer our questions. A date was set! We continued our preparations for surgery by continuing our health regimens and preparing for a few days stay at the hospital.

Travel With Me to Kidney Transplant Land

Version 3

I’m on a journey and I’m inviting you to travel with me to kidney transplant land. 

I'm on a journey and I'm inviting you to travel with me to kidney transplant land. Click To Tweet

This journey to kidney transplant land has taken many months and a few twists and turns in the road. You may already know I have decided to donate a kidney to my brother, Bob ( pre-surgery photo of us above). If you think the Chaos to Calm expert doesn’t experience fear, let me say this clearly….you are wrong! Facing this kidney transplant surgery with a positive expectation and a whole team of specialists in energy medicine supporting me has helped to minimize my fear, but truth be told, it’s still there. And  the reality is…I’m the only one who can manage it.

I’m inviting you to follow along on my journey so that you may find some tips to help you in your quest to manage that many-headed hydra also known as worry, fear, and anxiety. I have had to deal with anxiety about my future health as well as my brother’s ability to accept the kidney I am donating.

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My Big Decision


How often do we ponder decision making?

We all face difficult decisions in our lives. Sometimes we stall them with confusion, using it as an excuse to wait. Then the anxiety starts and we soon find out stalling makes us more chaotic than calm.

I know this from experience, having visited this place of decision- procrastination hell. What surprises me I didn’t visit that place for this over-sized decision. It felt the decision was already made somewhere in the depths of my being. There was no waiting, no stalling, no confusion…it just appeared.

I said “YES”.

It was made from a deep knowing that I have not questioned for even a second.

Yes, I want to donate a kidney to my brother…

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