If Donald Trump Practiced Mindfulness

Donald Trump practiced mindfulness

If Donald Trump Practiced Mindfulness

My mind wanders sometimes…

what would it be like to be a spiritual mentor for a character in a TV show such as Game of Thrones or The Sopranos? These characters have mega-sized personalities that display imbalances that are striking. How would they act connected to their Essence and living their Souls’ purpose? What practices would they need to learn? What energy medicines would be most suitable for them to use? 

While watching these shows, I find myself choosing a flower essence for Tyrion Lannister. What flower essence would eliminate the self-pity that blocks his innate leadership capabilities? (That flower essence is Bach Flower Remedy Pine.) With the right remedy, I envision Livia Soprano, Tony’s self-absorbed mother, being a compassionate nurturer. The Bach Flower Essence Heather would help her fill herself from within, rather than from the negative attention of her adult children.

I see them both transformed, coming from a place of balanced power, aligned with Spirit. I rejoice at their every advance forward….and then I wake up from this dream.  Ah, but they aren’t real people, just fictional characters.

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Can Flaws Develop Strength?

flaws develop strength

Flaws Develop Strength

Can your flaws develop strength? As a child, I had many animal companions. My most memorable pet was an orange tabby named Krimpy. My brother named her, if I remember correctly because her colorings reminded him of a Tastycake Krimpet, the Philadelphia-based, butterscotch dessert, or maybe because her legs were crimped. I am not quite sure. It doesn’t matter. Krimpy taught me that flaws could develop strengths I never knew I had.

She was such a sweet cat, smaller than most, the runt of the litter. She had slanted eyes, which displayed a sad appearance. People were attracted to her partly because of her sweetness and because they were astonished by her flaw.

Her front legs were crimped as if she had elbows that were folded towards each other. I had never seen a deformity like this before. Both front legs worked in unison, making  one step at a time, and her back legs were higher than the front. She was such an oddity that you couldn’t help but stare, trying in your mind to figure out how she maneuvered so well.  Her hind legs were very powerful in order to compensate for the weakness in her front legs. When she sat up on her rear legs, she looked like a kangaroo.

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