Decision Making – How Do You Decide?

decision making

Decision Making – Do you ever think about decision making? How do you decide?

I’ve been busy making a big decision. During the past three months, I have been absorbed in a deep process of making a life-altering decision and charting a path to make this a reality. It has taken much of my energy and I am growing exponentially through it. Wow, it’s been quite a ride!

The reason I am sharing this – to help you observe how you navigate through decision-making in daily life. For you to notice the process you use. Do you overthink it? Do you fret and make yourself anxious? Are you methodical? Do you use a dart board?

My decision is huge, as it has ramifications for my personal life, my extended family, my clients, as well as my spiritual life. This decision, after much self-inquiry, prayer, meditation, research and support from loved ones, is solidly confirmed. Unlike other decisions I have made in my life, even ones of less importance, this one was made without my usual list of pros and cons, and an ever-growing list of fears and what if’s.

It was made from a deep knowing that I have not questioned for even a second.

In making this decision, I had zero anxiety.  At times I observe myself and I don’t even recognize me.

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Anxiety Release – Find the Present Moment

anxiety releaseAnxiety Release- How can you find calm in the midst of turbulence? Is there a way out? 

Find the Present Moment!  

The following mindfulness exercise gives your mind a focus, allowing you to shift your perspective away from anxiety, and towards the peace of the present moment. Set some time aside ( 5-10 minutes) in a comfortable chair, away from distractions. Do this whenever you need an anxiety release.

To shift your perspective, take a few deep, slow breaths, following the in and the out breath for a few minutes.

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Manifest Your Future By Looking Ahead

Manifest your Future

Manifest Your Future By Looking Ahead, Not From The Rear View Mirror

I spent much of my life being guided by what I saw in my rear view mirror. When using rear view mirrors, you know there are distortions in what you see. One thing I learned about this strategy is that I wasn’t just stuck, I was going backward. That is where I was placing my focus. I learned to manifest my future by looking at the past. I made decisions based on evidence from the trauma of my early childhood. I kept spinning in the beliefs of a powerless child. I created my present day reality from that sad, hurt and lonely place of a disempowered child.

Here’s what I got….fear, despair, frustration, overwhelm and a huge dose of self-doubt, self-judgment, and self-hate. Because what you focus on grows. My past was ever-present, still scaring me in my adulthood, repeating my past every day.

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Anxiety From Imperfections?

Anxiety and Imperfections


How much time do you spend feeling disappointed- with people, with events, with yourself? What happens when a plan doesn’t manifest as you expected it? Can you acknowledge you expected something different, yet  stay free to move forward, revise the plan to make it a success? Or do you get stuck in defeat and let it stop you from attempting another plan?

Being able to deal with life’s disappointments is a wonderful self-mastery skill to develop. Because of how our reptilian brain works, we seek safety and avoid pain. So it’s no surprise: focusing on life’s imperfections activates a sense of threat in the reptilian brain. This part of the brain is always on the lookout for danger and is the safety mechanism that triggers the fight or flight response. Thank goodness for this primitive part of the brain because it keeps us alive in threatening situations.

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Manage Your Fear

manage your fearManage Your Fear

Can seeing your life from a bigger picture actually help manage your fear? Let’s face it- even when we have a daily spiritual practice, we can still get entranced in a troubling emotion or challenge. It can be awhile before we can step back, reawaken the witness perspective and see the big picture. How can we manage our fear if not by seeing the big picture?

Yes, we are multidimensional beings but sometimes we make a crash-landing back to earth without a parachute! Ouch.

I can speak of my own experience lately. I support clients through anxiety and fear, developing strategies to befriend it, and get its deep soul message to release it. Since I have been developing new ways to reach those in need of my message, I have been stretching way out of my comfort zone. You may be familiar what happens when you step out of your comfort zone- yikes! a sh**load of panic!
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9 Tips for Avoiding Overwhelm during the Holiday Season

avoiding overwhelm9 Tips for Avoiding Overwhelm during the Holiday Season

The holiday season starts earlier every year. This year set an intention to make your holiday season joyous and festive without the added disappointments and stress that can also be part of the holidays. Take time to become mindful of your needs. Set a plan of action to meet them this holiday season.

Take time to become mindful of your needs. Set a plan of action to meet them this holiday season. Click To Tweet

1. Tune into your needs. Make sure you plan times and events that are suitable for your schedule. Take time before the holiday frenzy starts to connect with yourself. After the whirlwind gets going, it is harder to disengage from it.  Decide what you determine what is important.

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Finding Your Way Out of Indecision

making choices (2)How does it feel when you need to make a decision and you just get so confused your head spins? Do you start to panic? Find out how to come out of the chaos and into the calm by listening to the tips on this audio.


Really? How can these feelings be a gift?


A new client has been having a challenging time lately. She works too many hours and isn’t making enough money to pay her debts. She has been troubled by anxiety, fear, anger, and frustration. She has been cycling through them and feels swept up in an endless cycle with no way out…she feels trapped.

These feelings are unpleasant to experience but I tell her “ these feelings are here to help you. There are the guideposts to healing. Pushing down feelings to escape them causes more pain then finding a way to be with them and accepting them in the moment. Learn to be mindful of the sensations and feelings so a new understanding can emerge.”

I ask her to name her feelings, to describe the body sensations. She replies, “I am feeling sensations of fear. My body is restless, my mind is racing, my breathing is so shallow I can barely feel it. I have a jittery feeling in my belly and I can’t sit still.”

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Completing your Emotional First Aid Kit

Wrapping up the basic Emotional First Aid Kit with a video! Included are tips on assembling your kit. Just a reminder- if you have been reading my blog and have been finding it helpful, don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter and receive a free audio gift. Sign up is on the right side of this page. You will receive quick tips for keeping emotionally balanced.

Completing your Emotional First Aid Kit

The Tapping Solution to Defuse Stress

Winding down on the “contents” for the Emotional First Aid Kit….Tapping is a wonderful technique for alleviating stress and emotional pain. I utilize this technique with clients (and for myself) because it works! This video will show you how to use this technique for emergency situations, but you must practice it so you know how to use it when you really need it. And why not? It is great to use it every day so that you can eliminate your daily stress -no need for stress to build up into chronic distress. For everyday use, you will need more guidance to use it efficiently, but for emotional first aid, just tapping the points will eliminate your stress level.

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