Is This Right For Me?



  • have fear, worry, self-judgments and shame
  • want to find your safe place within, letting go of panic, worry, fear and overwhelm
  • are open to being guided from your Wisdom Within, even if you’re not sure how to do that yet
  • are ready to fully commit to your healing, following through on changes of behavior to lead you out of chaos and into calm
  • are invested in building a new foundation of self-love, awareness and compassion
  • are committed to developing lifelong skills that open you to peace and joy

aren't for you

  • don’t want to learn anything new, think this is the way you are and it’s not possible to change
  • want to complain, blame, be a victim, and allow self-pity to consume you (You may do these things now but must be willing to learn another way.
  • aren’t coachable because you don’t follow through with your commitments

Here is an invitation….


Schedule a 21 minute complimentary Call to Transformation Discovery Session by phone, FaceTime or Skype to identify your needs and how we could work together. 

As my special gift to you, I will include the name of 1 flower essence to assist you in the transformation you desire.

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This time is an honoring of you and your transformation. Please schedule a time that you will be available without interruptions.

I look forward to assisting you in your growth!



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