Frequently Asked Questions

Why is energy so important in emotional balance?

Energy follows thoughts and feelings. Thoughts and feelings have effects on our health and our energy field or aura. Problematic emotions form blockages in our energy field and prevents our energy from flowing, making us feel stuck. Removing the blockages reestablishes a sense of balance in mind and body.

How do I know that my energy field needs balancing or clearing?

Your energy doesn’t lie….it is either flowing and you feel balanced, you feel alive and your life is flowing. Or you feel stuck and your energy will feel congested like you are walking through molasses. When you feel “off”, not yourself, confused, sick and emotionally unbalanced (irritable, unhappy, complaining, etc.) By removing the blocks, your energy is released to flow and circulate throughout your body. You can now feel  emotionally balanced and back to enjoying your life again.


How can I learn to find answers to my questions about the problems in my life when I have never been able to figure out how to do that before?

Most people need to take time to slow down and clear you mind from clutter, all those distractions that pulls us our of our inner world and into the busyness of the outer world. By learning techniques to slow down and clear the static, your wisdom within will be more available to you.

You will learn techniques to develop your intuition and to trust your own inner knowing. Blocks that stand in your way are identified and removed.  Until you develop and trust your access to your wisdom within, I act as your guide through this new territory.

I have tried talk therapy but it only took me so far. Can energy techniques produce better results?

Energy therapy offers a deeper approach that can effect changes that are not available traditional forms of therapy. It is unique to your way of accessing insights, to provide transformation. It awakens self-awareness and empowerment. Spiritual mentoring focuses on tools to enhance self-awareness and to clear blocks that once seemed insurmountable now can begin to dissipate.

Do I have to be religious or believe in God to use spiritual counseling?

Spiritual counseling and energy healing transcends religious boundaries and utilizes universal spiritual principles. Even those who consider themselves atheists sense that there is a universal energy that animates life. You can learn to access your wisdom within, and name it as you see fit, as it is your own experience. Connecting to the energy that radiates from Source allows deep healing.

Do I need to stop my medication before receiving energy healings? Can I just stop my medication if I am feeling better?

I do not medically diagnose or prescribe medical treatment. Nothing that I say during a session is to be construed as medical advice. The session’s goal is to balance your energy field and  support balance of your emotions so that you can live a healthier balanced life. If you find that your need for medication is decreased after a number of sessions, it is your responsibility to consult your doctor.

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