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Online Mindfulness Training: Managing the Chaos of Modern Life

Today’s world requires methods of managing stress and finding emotional balance. The fast pace of everyday life, with numerous demands on our time and energy, often leaves us frazzled and anxious. Our minds are always busy, analyzing, evaluating and planning. When were not busy with those activities, we are worrying how to get everything done. Is there a cure for our modern lifestyle?

Mindfulness Meditation has been called a healthy coping skill for the chaos of modern life. It reduces stress, lower blood pressure, and enhances contentment. It can manage anxiety, improves focus, increases creativity, and reduces burnout.

Mindfulness Meditation is a technique to use the nature of the mind to calm us, to become aware of and release old habits, and a practice for deeper spiritual connection and guidance. People who practice mindfulness report, as they become more centered and focused, their awareness increases and they become more effective.

Learn 4 types of mindfulness: guided meditation, self-guided, body scan, and walking meditations. This class is suitable for beginners or intermediates who want extra support and a refresher.

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 Spiritual Wellness 

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Speaking/Classes for your Group or Event

Interested in scheduling on-site classes for living an emotionally balanced, soul-guided life at your location in the South Jersey- Philadelphia region? Do you run or belong to a women’s or business group looking for exciting speakers? Are you interested in workplace wellness programs in personal development, emotional balance, and spiritual practices? Ask how these programs can impact your work team’s success.

Please share my contact information with your event planner. Together we can decide which program would best suit your group. Learn something new you can use in your daily life to find calm in your daily chaos. Each program features exercises and quick tips you can use daily to connect more deeply to your Wisdom Within.

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