Chaos to Calm

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Are you anxious? Does it make you doubt and judge yourself? Are you losing confidence in your abilities and questioning your worthiness? Is your life filled with chaos and is calm nowhere to be found? These are the barriers separating you from living your dreams, the life you envisioned. How can you transform your chaos to calm?

Admit it. On some level, you are too afraid to be seen and heard. You have been hiding parts of yourself, for fear of not fitting in, wanting to be like everyone else, or what others may call “normal. Hiding your panic and worry from others, thinking they wouldn’t understand.

There is no need for shame. Everyone has fear and experiences confusion, overwhelm and worry. People who are successful know what to do to find their fearlessness and strength.

People who are successful know what to do to find their fearlessness and strength. Click To Tweet

They are successful in moving through what you might have called unmanageable barriers. They have skills you haven’t learned yet and you too can learn. Are you ready?

chaos to calm

Every challenge in your life is your soul leading you back to yourself, to your Wholeness.

Every challenge in your life is your soul leading you back to yourself, to your Wholeness. Click To Tweet

What if .your fear and overwhelm were your soul’s wisdom, bringing you back to your life’s purpose? This pain is guiding you to develop the skills necessary to live a joyful life. It’s forcing you to learn how to manage daily challenges with awareness and insight to live your best life.

Until you see anxiety as a guide to your Deepest Wisdom, you will continue to be troubled by your emotions.

When you connect with your source of safety within, you are calm and confident, free to achieve inspired action.

What if learned techniques to guide you through the land mines of your troubling emotions back to a balanced you?  Knowing how to balance your energy field can guide you to balance your emotions and your life. Have access to your inner wisdom to guide you through life better than any authority can tell you.

What ifyou managed your fear and overwhelm to uncover your fearlessness?

How can you develop fearlessness in living your life fully? Are you ready to move forward in your life, but not sure how? Discouraged by your past missteps? Committed to your transformation, but a bit scared? Think you have tried everything without success? Find yourself drowning in a whirlpool of hopelessness?

It’s time to uncover your fearlessness….you’ve waited long enough! Transform your chaos to calm and overcome fear, worry and overwhelm. You can finally be free.

Welcome to your soul-guided life…..eliminating challenging battles with your emotions, going beneath them to find the wise message that will guide you to your next steps in your life.

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Meet every challenge with the power of your Inner Wisdom. Allow yourself to be guided by your soul.

Meet every challenge with the power of your Inner Wisdom. Allow yourself to be guided by your soul. Click To Tweet

Learn how to

  • Transform your chaos to calm
  • Release fear, worry, overwhelm, and self-judgements to move forward in your life
  • Banish your inner critic, and the self-judgments and self-sabotage that keep you stuck
  • Feel self- compassion and presence, instead of self-judgements
  • See your life from a higher perspective
  • Find your Inherent Place of Safety, the Wisdom Within
  • Connect to your guidance and consult with it to get answers to all the challenges in your life
  • Develop patience to slow down and listen to your inner guidance as a way to find solutions to your challenges
  • Experience yourself being vibrantly alive
  • Live your fearlessness to find and follow your dreams

Learn a unique combination of

  • mindfulness and loving kindness meditations
  • chakra and aura awareness exercises
  • energy medicine techniques such as energy healing, flower essences and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and more!
  • inner critic management system and bypassing self-sabotage

All of this is available to you. I offer a variety of programs to support you in this journey. I too have struggled with worry and self-judgements. Through many years of guidance, study and experimentation, I have developed powerful systems to navigate out of Chaos and into Calm.   

chaos to calm

I’m Marilyn Eppolite, the Chaos to Calm Expert, an energy therapist and spiritual mentor, who for over 20 years, has helped clients banish fear and overwhelm by connecting with their source of safety within. I help them through energy techniques, teaching mindfulness and turning their inner critic into their ally.


I invite you to move forward while I walk beside you…Let’s talk!

I am offering a 21 minute complimentary Call to Transformation Connection Session by phone or Skype to identify your needs and how we could work together to uncover your fearlessness to create your envisioned life and to transform your chaos to calm.

This is what we will do together on this call

  1. Centering breath to connect to Higher Self
  2. Clarify where you are and where you want to be
  3. Discuss some possible paths to get the transformation you desire
  4. Decide if we are a good match to work together to provide the transformation desired
  5. Discuss logistics of working together. If appropriate, schedule appointment. If we aren’t a good match to work together, recap any insights for you to continue your transformation.     

Please schedule a time that you will be available without interruptions. This time is an honoring of you and your transformation, and will provide valuable insights. This is an incredible opportunity to uncover your fearlessness to create your envisioned life.  I look forward to assisting you in your growth.

Many Blessings!


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