Changing Perspective

earth-11009_640Changing Perspective  How do you change your perspective when you get stuck?

I’d like to share an exercise I do whenever I need to shift my perspective.

This helps me to let go of striving and willfulness so that I am now free to changing my perspective. I can then question the habitual view and drop into surrender. I am able to be in the world, no one important than anything else, I am woven into the fabric of All That Is. I can now drop my importance as an individual. I become one of many beings, spinning on a big ball through space. I feel my place as a tiny cell in this organism of Love.

1. Imagine all your attention is focused like when you are reading. This narrow focus is a type of tunnel vision, all of your focus is fixated. This activates the left, reasoning brain. Just feel this in your eyes and brain as you

2. shift focus to open to peripheral vision, expanding a softer gaze, letting in more of the surrounding area of vision. Notice the amount of willpower it took to focus in the narrower vision than to see peripherally.

3. Repeat each type of vision, shifting from one to another and observe the difference. Notice how you are changing perspective.

4. Now imagine you can see 360 degrees around you, as if you also had eyes in the back of your head and that with both sets of eyes you could see peripherally but holistically. Just explore this, feeling the sensation. Notice if you feel softer, less willful, more energetically diffuse. Just become aware of everything around you but not anything specifically. Breathe and continue just being in this space with nothing to do but be present.

5. Shift to narrow focus to feel what happens. What feels more familiar to you? Shift again to peripheral and then to 360. Continue to breathe.

Practice this often and enjoy your path to surrender!

Fear or Peace – It’s Your Choice


Fear or Peace – It’s Your Choice

You awaken in the morning. You brush the grogginess from your mind.You stretch your body. Before your feet hit the floor, you unconsciously set into motion how your day will proceed. You chose consciously or unconsciously what you create today. Affirm your power as an enlightened creator. It’s time to make a choice, one that comes from the deepest wisdom within you. The big question of the day – do you want to live in fear or peace?

In our most powerful moments, we easily chose peace. When tired and distracted by the repetition our daily tasks, we become lulled into unconsciousness. Our choices devolve into unconscious reactions. When fear knocks on our door, we let it in before recognizing this new visitor. Often it is a visitor that refuses to leave. We have forgotten that we are empowered beings who can make a choice. Now, what do we do???

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Mindfulness – Managing the Chaos of Modern Life

Today’s world requires methods of managing stress and finding emotional balance. The fast pace of everyday life, with numerous demands on our time and energy, often leaves us frazzled and anxious. Our minds are always busy, analyzing, evaluating and planning.

The nature of the mind is to think. Its ability to move quickly is both gift and a challenge: how to manage the speed and insistence of the mind when calm is needed? [Read more…]

Transform Fear

Fear is your call to transform. Have you heard the call but ignored it? It often arises to get your attention. Something is disturbing your entire being, but you ignore it. It can’t give you any bigger warnings… you break out in a sweat, your heart races, your jaw and neck tighten, and your head is pounding.  It is saying “What more must I do to get your attention that something needs changing?” 

It’s just a warning sign to be on the lookout – there is danger ahead. You are not feeling safe on some level of your being. Sometimes there is a real danger- a car driving too close as you cross the street. Sometimes it is an imagined danger- a scenario we dream up, a story we tell ourselves from past experiences. We want to either fight, retreat or freeze.

What makes it so difficult for people to face their fear? I’ve found 3 big reasons.

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Stories Have Power

Stories Have Power

Stories have power. Choose them wisely.

Children have a limited understanding of life and make up stories to fill in the blanks. They are egocentric, focusing on the ME. It’s just a developmental stage, a necessary step to the forming of the personality. They try to make sense of events as they experience them. Unfortunately, their impressions are usually wrong.  As a child, we don’t realize stories have power when we create them. Many times, these impressions stay with us as adults, and we hardly ever question them.

Some of these impressions are the stories we tell ourselves that often bring pain for a lifetime if we don’t stop to examine them to see they were based on faulty perceptions.

I have faulty perceptions from my childhood. When the pain created by them grabs my attention, I bring them into the light to shift the perception into a truthful one. I hate to cause myself pain if I can avoid it. Believe me, I have experienced enough self-created pain, and it’s my personal mission to help myself and clients develop tools to let go of any avoidable pain.

This story caused me pain…it was a painful story I told myself.

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Can House Cleaning Teach Us Healing?

moments of insight

Cleaning and healing???

Cleaning and healing : As I return to activities of daily living after kidney donation surgery, imagine my surprise feeling great joy as I was cleaning the bathroom. I had spent most of the last 6 weeks being coddled, resting so I could heal quickly and without any complications. My life was focused on healing. My energy level had to be nourished so I did not become exhausted. Even mental activity drained my energy reserve in the first few weeks after surgery. I finally would feel drawn to an activity, alerting me I had the energy to attempt the task. Slowly more activities showed up on the screen of my awareness, telling me if I didn’t overdo it, it was okay to reclaim an activity to my schedule. This week the object of my desire was cleaning the bathroom…

Kidney Transplant Surgery and Beyond #TeamKidney

pre op

Kidney transplants – what an amazing miracle!

My brother Bob and I are indebted to the special people at The University of Pennsylvania Hospital Kidney Transplant Institute. The staff calmly supported us through the kidney transplant surgery education process, efficiently following up with appointments and details. They made a potentially stressful situation as easy as possible.

After I received my approval for donation, plans were set into motion for the surgeries. Our surgeons met with us to complete any other medical information and to answer our questions. A date was set! We continued our preparations for surgery by continuing our health regimens and preparing for a few days stay at the hospital.

Introducing #TeamKidney



My special thanks to #TeamKidney, to all of the people who supported and helped to strengthen me to be able to go through the donation process. It has taken me almost 3 months of testing for me to be accepted as a donor. Medical tests, blood work (39 vials!) and exams took time and patience. Some weeks I had 3 appointments for testing. My team of helpers assisted me in moving forward, even when I was discouraged the process was taking longer than anticipated and I didn’t know if I would be approved.

Being an energy therapist for over 25 years, I knew this transplant experience would include many types of energy therapies and mind-body interventions to ensure both mine and my brother’s continued health. My goal was to use as many energy therapies to support us and to catapult health care into the 21st century. I have blended the best of mind-body wellness and cutting-edge energy modalities so my brother and I could both experience complete and quick healing.

Let me introduce the some of the members of #TeamKidney, who I can’t imagine going through this process without their support. This part of the team are all body-mind specialists, integrating physical, mental, emotional and spiritual together for increased health and vitality. And what a fabulous job they did! I couldn’t have done this without their help.

Introducing my team ….hear the crowd roar!

Because fear is the emotion held in the kidneys, I was on a time schedule, to clear out as much fear as I could. I wanted to enhance the clearing process I began many years ago to release the fear from my challenging childhood. I have personally worked with the many tools I specialize in, such as energy healing, flower essences, essential oils, EFT, mindfulness and more. I use these skills every day even when I encounter challenges less serious than kidney removal!  I needed the members of #TeamKidney MindBody to see my blind spots and to support and hold me in love and understanding. That’s how real healing happens!

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Pre-surgery Anxiety- How To Deal With It

How to deal with anxiety? How to deal with pre-surgery anxiety? Check out these 3 short videos to find out how.


I’m Sharing Something Bold


I’m Selfish… I’m on a deadline to release fear.


When I’m Scared I Do This

Travel With Me to Kidney Transplant Land

Version 3

I’m on a journey and I’m inviting you to travel with me to kidney transplant land. 

I'm on a journey and I'm inviting you to travel with me to kidney transplant land. Click To Tweet

This journey to kidney transplant land has taken many months and a few twists and turns in the road. You may already know I have decided to donate a kidney to my brother, Bob ( pre-surgery photo of us above). If you think the Chaos to Calm expert doesn’t experience fear, let me say this clearly….you are wrong! Facing this kidney transplant surgery with a positive expectation and a whole team of specialists in energy medicine supporting me has helped to minimize my fear, but truth be told, it’s still there. And  the reality is…I’m the only one who can manage it.

I’m inviting you to follow along on my journey so that you may find some tips to help you in your quest to manage that many-headed hydra also known as worry, fear, and anxiety. I have had to deal with anxiety about my future health as well as my brother’s ability to accept the kidney I am donating.

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