About Marilyn

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I’m Marilyn Eppolite …I am here to tell you there is life beyond fear, worry, overwhelm, and chaotic emotions.

 Let me show you how to transform your fear. 

I’d like to share with you what I’ve learned. Not just book learning, but a deep body-mind wisdom that saved my sanity, and I hope will save yours too.

You see, I lived that internal chaos. The self-judgements that in my early years, kept me from my mission in life. My life was full of pain and fear. I vowed to overcome it and I did. I want to share my system with you so you don’t have to suffer like I did.

My  focus on helping people overcome fear and overwhelm started from an early age….

My healing gifts developed through my own experiences, out of need. I needed to find strategies to manage fear and overwhelm in order to survive. My early years were difficult, attempting to connect to family members with mental illness. I learned firsthand how challenging life could be when emotions were chaotic. I spent much of youth hiding, for fear of being singled out for both physical and emotional abuse.

I didn’t realize until I was an adult that what I experienced- the feelings of panic and ” deer in headlights” sensation- was PTSD, post-traumatic stress syndrome…

Even though I have many talents and abilities, it was always difficult for me to follow through with certain activities because something would trigger my fear response. My body would freeze, my mind would go numb and I thought I was going insane. It must be my fault that I can’t cope. I would berate myself for being weak and not being able to function.


I needed to find a way out of my inner chaos…

Look at that frightened look on my face in the photograph. The photo is out of focus, much like my view of life at the time. I am so glad I have this photo because it verifies how I remember my childhood. My memory of having a dazed view of life wasn’t a fabrication. I was scared and confused often, and I didn’t know what to do to change it. I suffered thinking there was something terribly wrong with me.

I was so different than everyone in my family -I was sensitive, creative, studious, and introverted. I got lost in my own world in order to manage the chaos but was I very lonely and isolated, which made my anxiety feel worse.

I found insights that lead to my transformation…

During my training at healing school, I learned that many people who experience trauma, become hyper-vigilant and develop a 6th sense to help keep them safe.

I learned that I was energy sensitive, sensing others energy. Since PTSD shattered my boundary, everyone’s energy would come crashing into me and I didn’t know what I was feeling. So much confusion made it difficult for me to function. What a relief! I was not mentally ill and I could manage this overwhelm by strengthening my energetic boundary through energy interventions.

I began a search to find solutions for myself and others who suffered this type of confusion…

I knew I had many talents that wanted to emerge, but because of my fear, I got in my own way, constantly doubting myself. By making my transformation a priority in my life, working with mentors to guide me, insights came through guidance to manage this chaos I felt. This isn’t a ‘do it yourself” job! Being guided by those who have gone through their own healing journey helped me see my blind spots and to address them. I began to develop strategies that helped me into a system to help others. 

My reason for doing this work…

I know how difficult dealing with fear, worry, and overwhelm. I too have struggled with them. I suffered without knowing what to do or who to ask for help. Because  I know first hand the difficulty of living a life in fear and self-sabotage, I can relate the challenges you experience every day.

Because I needed to find drug-free solutions for myself, I searched relentlessly for energy-based techniques to calm my agitated mind, and to find a place of peace within. I wanted to move forward to find the freedom to create my life, free from past traumas that had previously kept me stuck and spinning my wheels. I consulted healers and spiritual teachers along my journey. I know you can’t travel this path alone.

My greatest joy is to see my clients learn these skills that develop a deep inner safety by connecting to Source, their Wisdom Within. I don’t want people to suffer alone, believing there is no way out for them. We all suffer some type of spiritual anxiety, a disconnect from ourselves and our Source. I help clients find a place of safety within, calm their worried mind, manage their inner critic, and connect to their Wise Self, so they can live their lives fearlessly. I want all that for you!

About My Commitment and My Passion…

Through many years of study, guidance, and experimentation,  I have developed powerful systems to navigate out of Chaos and into Calm. I help clients feel emotionally balanced and spiritually centered so they can create a soul-guided life.


What Makes My Sessions Unique…

Drawing upon over 20 years of experience and training in spirituality, energy, and body-based therapies, I assist clients to release their fear, self-judgments and overwhelm, providing clarity and insight to achieve their goals. It brings me joy to give them the tools necessary to access and connect to their deepest Wisdom. I honor each client’s essence for their journey and offer support so that each client finds their access to the Wisdom Within.

My special gift is helping people feel safe, heard and acknowledged.

Clients who had previously resisted sharing their issues and their pain, find that I provide safe, healing space that activates authentic expression. Since I understand the challenges from my personal healing journey, I offer the necessary compassion to create the proper space to share without fear. This allows healing to unfold naturally in its proper timing without feeling forced or invasive.

Professional Trainings and Education

    • Barbara Brennan School of Healing, graduate – international 4-year training program of Healing through the Human Energy Field
    • Pathwork Transformational Program, graduate – 4-year psychospiritual program
    • Flower Essence Therapist, certification program Flower Essence Society
    • Grief Recovery Specialist, certification program Grief Recovery Institute
    • Reiki Master, massage and bodywork certification
    • Numerous other trainings in energy-based therapies and spiritual practices – EFT, Bach Flower Essences, Therapeutic Essential Oils, Science of Mind, Radical Forgiveness, etc.

So now that you know about me, how can I find out about you and your concerns about the chaos in your life? And how I can help?


My invitation to you Let’s discuss what you would rather be doing instead of hiding in fear and stuck in overwhelm. Let’s develop a strategy to get you in your life again, out of chaos and into calm.

Wouldn’t you rather be calm, centered and confident, succeeding at your awesome goals, living your desired life? You can be! 

I invite you to move forward while I walk beside you…Let’s talk!

Schedule a 21 minute complimentary Call to Transformation Connection

What we will do together on this call:

  1. Centering breath to connect to Higher Self
  2. Clarify where you are and where you want to be
  3. Discuss some possible paths to get the transformation you desire
  4. Decide if we are a good match to work together to provide the transformation desired
  5. Discuss logistics of working together. If appropriate, schedule appointment. If not, recap any insights for you to continue your transformation.

No need to wait any longer…schedule now.


I would love to be your mentor so you can deeply connect to your Wisdom Within to transform your chaos to calm!



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