What a transformation! I am writing this post on the 1 year Anniversary of my kidney donation to my brother Bob. I look back over the year nostalgically. Each part of the journey – the decision to donate, the pre-surgery testing and preparation, and heartfelt discussions with my family – all had an important impact on my life.

I don’t focus on what I lost, but on what I have gained. I focus on the deepening relationship with my brother. I revel at the personal/spiritual growth this journey facilitated. I faced fear of the unknown of what lies ahead. I released the need to know what would happen, allowing me to be present in the moment. I appreciated the simple joyful moments as they arose.

The one thing my mind still chews on – who have I become through this amazing transformation?

I continue to recognize ways this event changed me. Here are a few of the roads traveled:

  • Trusting my Wisdom Within, my inner guidance that made it evident that I was to step forward to donate my kidney.
  • Working through whatever fear showed up, facing it to help dissolve it.
  • Setting a firm intention of positive outcomes for both me and my brother, in spite of bumps along the road, especially others’ fears about my health.
  • Submitting to medical testing that had possible risks but allowing myself to surrender to a greater good.
  • Spending time in reflection, prayer, and meditation to allow me to be present, loving, and grateful for the path I was traveling.
  • Trusting that all would go well, that everything was in our highest good.

As I reflect on this self-imposed event, I observe the challenges and how I responded to them. This step of choosing a “health crisis” taught me volumes on how to approach an unwelcome one. Many clients reach out for support because they are battling an event and the fear it stimulates deep within. It is a transformative path that appears many times throughout life. Allow it to develop more resilience instead of allowing it to stunt our growth.

Here are questions to consider when living through a challenge or crisis:

  • Who am I becoming? How will this event continue to transform me?
  • How do I live through uncertainty and unpredictability?
  • How can I trust myself and empower myself to face the unknown?

Trusting our Inner Wisdom to guide us helps us thrive through life’s unpredictability.

Trusting our Inner Wisdom to guide us helps us thrive through life’s unpredictability. Click To Tweet

Perhaps that is what this organ donation did for me. I am grateful for this transformation. My wish for you – that your challenges guide you to your transformation and you find your inner place of safety through your Wisdom Within.


  1. Jaci Sivley says:

    Powerful wisdom gained in your journey, Marilyn. I hope your sharing will help others recognize how much benefit is found when we leave our comfort zone in favor of *stepping out* into the unknown. Your experience reminds me of the Rumi quote I have by my computer: “Believe that everything is rigged in your favor.” ~Rumi

    • The most transformational aspect of the journey was that I knew it was rigged in my favor, Jaci. This was such a deep knowing like I never experienced before. And for that I am grateful!

  2. Congratulations on your anniversary of kidney donation!
    What a difference a year makes
    I am happy both of you are I good health now!

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