Managing Change

Managing Change
Everything in your life is sailing along. Your livelihood feels secure, your family is healthy, life is good. You have a plan for the next few months that seems doable and you are on track. Then some event brings change to your peaceful life. You learn very quickly your level of skill in managing change.
You get a phone call- a serious one that requires your attention and action on your part. A parent requires nursing home care for a prolonged illness. Your single adult child was in a car accident. You have a surprise health issue that requires surgery. There is the initial anxiety of “now what?”  Somehow the adrenaline kicks in and you do what needs to be done. Or you hide in your room with anxiety and worry. 
Somehow you manage. Okay, this is the new normal. It’s a few months where your life changes. Fortunately, everything gets resolved. It’s time to return to a new phase of life. Sometimes you can pick up where you left off and sometimes you can’t. You might have had to quit your job or somehow change your duties at work. It’s time to get back to your life or is it?
You’re not the same person. This dramatic event has changed you, whether you realize it or not.  Something is different in your attitude or outlook, even if you can’t place a finger on it.
When my brother needed a kidney transplant, I knew I wanted to donate one to him and this event would take at least 6 -9 months prep and healing time. Through it all, I was prepared for this. I went through a deep process of growth that changed me. I spent time in deep reflection to see what needed to change and evolve in my life. It wasn’t something I could plan ahead of time because I now saw things differently.
I’m suggesting that when experiencing a life change, take time for self-inquiry. Journal the thoughts and feelings lurking below your conscious awareness. Ask ” Do I want to go back to the way it was or are there opportunities for healthy change?”
Managing change opens us to new possibilities. We are so afraid of newness that we habitually run from change.
It’s a great time to review what worked and what didn’t in the old life.  You managed the change but are you ready to duck tape your life back the way it was? Allow yourself some time for this question to rattle around in you. Something changed your life…maybe it was time for a change. Are more changes calling out to you? Take time to explore some areas of change that nourish you. You are in the place of power to make it happen. 
Big changes are always an opportunity to reevaluate your life. They come for your benefit. Use them to allow for insights that might not have emerged any other way. Use them as a starting point for something great to happen. Who knows what wonderful options are waiting for you? Try on a few. Don’t let that big opportunity go to waste. You maybe surprised what gifts show up in your life.

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