Staying Stuck is Easy


Staying stuck is easy. It is an uncomfortable habit that feels so familiar it becomes comfortable. It turns up the volume on fear so high that to move in any direction instills a panicky feeling.

Staying stuck is easy. You feel trapped and victimized, convincing yourself that doing anything different will kill you. That’s why you stay stuck.

Have you ever felt this?

Staying stuck is easy until you realize the pain of staying stuck is greater than the fear of moving forward. 

Staying stuck is easy until you realize the pain of staying stuck is greater than the fear of moving forward. Click To Tweet

The courage of risking everything is finally worth the freedom of moving forward, making decisions and claiming your vision. Hopes and dreams of what life could be comes into view and helps you move forward.

I have let this fear stop me many times in my life. I spent many years feeling stuck, unable to make even a small step towards my dreams. There were many times when I would take a few steps but then refused to go any further. This is just as painful because you see your goal in front of you but no path to reach it. I guess if I weren’t so persistent I would just clean the slate board and completely forget that goal.

I felt as if I were on a seesaw. I could see my goal in front of me -my emotional freedom.   I wanted out of despair and panic. But how?

I felt as if I were on a seesaw. I could see my goal in front of me - my emotional freedom. I wanted out of despair and panic. But how? Click To TweetMy childhood was challenging emotionally. I lived with constant reminders of emotional instability and its consequences. Both family trees carried mental disorders. My Dad had bipolar disorder, which was undiagnosed until he was in his 70’s. My Mom’s family carried depression, and let’s not forget my Aunt’s struggle with schizophrenia. To call this emotionally challenging doesn’t come close to the chaos I felt inside.

As a child, I just hoped to be “normal”. It wasn’t until I was an adult that I realized that the bar wasn’t set high enough. I began my journey of seeking strategies to just be okay with living in my own skin so that I could have a fulfilled life. I struggled for decades, almost losing hope for me to be free of the chaos that seemed to take up permanent residence inside me. I never even realized until much later in life that the crazy feeling that seemed to be part of me had a name- panic.

During those many years of seeking and struggling, I despaired and visited that stuck place many times. How painful that was! There were months where I gave up my vision of an emotionally balanced life, but somehow, thankfully it came back to help me find the courage to claim my goal again.  I would climb out of the hole in the ground that seemed to swallow me up and went out into the world to ask for help yet again. Somewhere deep inside, I knew I wanted to release that stuck state of mind and that a better one was waiting for me.

Somewhere deep inside, I knew I wanted to release that stuck state of mind and that a better one was waiting for me. Click To Tweet

Over the years, I have learned to be present with my feelings no matter how painful they may be, able to find my way safely of out of panic when I get overwhelmed and am able to cherish the moments of joy and calm that are now frequent in my life. I am well on my way to reaching the second part of my goal which is to share my method of getting out of chaos and into emotional calm with many more people, through my writing, online classes, speaking engagements and one on one sessions with clients. Over the past 20 years I have been sharing my insights into healing with many wonderful people but now I am ready to expand my reach and my dream of sharing emotional freedom with many more people. All this from a little girl who suffered from panic attacks and the pain of feeling stuck. My hope is that I can show you what I learned so you don’t have to endure being stuck, and help you find the path to reach your goals with emotional balance and resilience.

Have you seen my Online Learning Center for a Soul-Guided Life? There are classes with tips and exercises to help get unstuck and move forward towards your dreams. Click here to learn more.

Online classes are great but what if you need some assistance? Let’s face it -when we feel stuck, we don’t really know how to move forward. That’s where I come in! I offer a free 21-minute Call to Transformation by phone, FaceTime or Skype to identify your needs and how we could work together. I know alot about being stuck and how to move forward. Let’s talk!


  1. How wonderful that your desire is to utilize your personal experiences to help others to heal. I suffered my first panic attack at the age of 11; never really understood what was happening until I was in my late 20s. I can breathe/talk my way through them now, but it would have been nice to have someone like you guiding me!

    • Thanks, Bonny. Many people are like you and me, who have had panic attacks and didn’t know what was happening to them. There are so many tools to use to balance your energy to find your way back to calm. Stay tuned! You will find more valuable tips to navigate panic and other emotional states on my blog in the future!

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