Trump – My New Spiritual Practice

That’s right! Donald Trump is My New Spiritual Practice…let me explain. When a world event upsets me or makes me anxious, I look deep inside myself to see what is getting triggered. Having experienced trauma in my childhood, I find I must be vigilant to maintain balance. If I am aware of my nervousness when it starts, I can manage it before it snowballs.

Enter the presidential election in 2016 of Donald Trump. I was an emotional mess. His political or ideological beliefs were not the cause of my panic. Upon inner reflection, I soon realized the cause of my emotional distress.

Donald Trump’s behavior reminds me of my father….I see many of the same frightening behaviors that I saw in my dad.

I’ve done much healing around my relationship with my father and his effects on my physical and emotional health. The early trauma of his erratic behavior had hard-wired fear in my body. I spent much of my adult life balancing an over-activated nervous system. I’ve learned to balance my energy in relationship to people and events because I was at risk to be re-traumatized if I didn’t manage it. Yet, the new president spotlighted areas where healing work is still needed.

You see, my dad had undiagnosed bi-polar disorder.

By the time of my birth, his symptoms were already full blown. He exhibited little impulse control and was vindictive to people who contradicted him. He made sexually inappropriate comments. He had difficulty relating to people because he treated them as objects to do his bidding. He instigated confrontations, fueled conflicts and left a path of destruction in his wake. He was reckless and unpredictable.

A child looks to an adult for clues on appropriate behavior. If I tried this as a child, I ended up more confused and doubting my sanity. The distortions in his brain chemistry were evident in his speech and actions daily. My childhood was filled with uncertainty and racked with anxiety. It has taken me much of my adult life to heal myself to not be triggered by unpredictable people and events. Fear triggered my energy to jump out of my body, rendering me even more terrified. As an adult, I learned how to regulate my energy field to overcome fear. I trained to call my energy back home to center myself. I defused much of the trauma from that time.

After the election, I felt sensitive to others’ fear. I thought my inner disturbance was being caused by my sensitivity to their energy. The reality sunk in that a facsimile of my dad’s temperament would soon be leading the country. My energy body jumped out of my physical body in panic and I couldn’t bring it back home.

Knowing I needed to manage my inner world from being triggered, I decided Trump would be the inspiration for my new spiritual practice.

Knowing I needed to manage my inner world from being triggered, I decided Trump would be the inspiration for my spiritual practice. Click To Tweet

He would become my guru, not one that I would use as a role model, but as a reminder. I would use his behavior as a practice to call my energy back home, to step out of fear, my new spiritual practice. Many times a day, almost as regular as if I set a timer, there are opportunities to find my inner place of safety. Opportunities for inner peace exist in every descriptive news commentary. Yes, the fear that my father instilled in me is still there and I will use this opportunity to clear it out as a path to my inner peace.

I hear the words of the Dalia Lama, ”Do not let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace.”

I will use Trump’s reactive behaviors to lead me to focus on my inner peace as my spiritual practice. This will help me continue to heal the trauma of my childhood. It will allow me to more deeply connect to my Wisdom Within. Only when we find inner peace and balance can we access insights into inspired action.

We are all being called to dig deep within so we can create peace, in ourselves and in the world.

Thank you Donald, for this opportunity to do my inner work in a profound way.

***This is not the first time Trump inspired my writing and inner work. Click here 

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  1. Brilliant Marilyn!!!! And thank you for sharing your wisdom so openly. <3

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