Finding Answers To Life’s Questions


How do you find answers to Life’s questions? Does confusion reside in you?  How do you live in the unknown? How do you plan for the future when you don’t have answers???

Sometimes finding answers to Life’s questions gets placed on hold. In my recovery from kidney donation surgery, it was a challenge to plan for the future. I had spent 4 months planning for the surgery and 4 months to recover to my pre-surgery health. Medical testing, doctor appointments, exercise, and energy therapy appointments consumed my attention. I couldn’t focus on anything else. There could be no planning for my post-surgery future. I knew the donation would change my life in ways I couldn’t imagine. How can you plan for the future when you are in a phase of becoming? How can you find answers to Life’s questions?

How can you plan for the future when you are in a phase of becoming? Click To Tweet

I like planning everything in life, to help me feel safe.

News alert – We just fool ourselves into thinking we can plan everything in life. Being in the unknown, waiting for answers, is anxiety-producing for most people. Having an answer gives them comfort. I have found being in the unknown can allow other options to emerge, better ones than your anxiety can produce.

Life happens in unexpected ways to move us to grow.

Life happens in unexpected ways to move us to grow. Click To Tweet

Never underestimate the value of an unusual opportunity that comes your way. You can never predict what you will learn from the experience, or who you will become.

When I tolerate the unknown, I find a depth of trust I can’t access by knowing the answers.

When I tolerate the unknown, I find a depth of trust I can’t access by knowing the answers. Click To Tweet

Then I allowed time for insights that allowed me to grow spiritually on the deepest level. I allowed for answers to questions of my life to emerge from a deep wisdom.

Ask yourself this question-

When you are in the unknown, looking for answers to life’s questions, unsure about a decision, how do you react? Do you judge yourself for being indecisive? Do you withdraw? Do you insist on an answer?

Or can you sink into an inner place of safety to give yourself the time and space you need to see how this decision is an opportunity for growth? Spend some time in not knowing all the answers to questions in your life and observe how you respond. Notice what your Wisdom Within tells you. There are insights waiting to come through you to help you create your life in a more expansive way. Spend some time in the unknown, honor it, tolerate the push to force an answer. Make peace with not knowing and see what happens.

Would you like to learn how to find answers to your life’s questions? To be at peace with not knowing, to find peace when you are in a state of becoming? Learn to allow your Wisdom Within to speak to you. Let me show you how. Schedule a 21-minute complimentary Call to Transformation by phone, FaceTime or Skype to identify your needs and how we could work together. Click here  I would love to share with you what I’ve learned over the years of study and personal experience. Living in the unknown takes skills that can be learned. Isn’t it time you learned them? 


  1. Aren’t we always in a state of becoming, in one way or another? I find there is a part of me that would like to PLAN everything in life, but there’s a larger, more sensible part that has learned the lesson you present here – if we think we can plan everything, we’re just fooling ourselves. So nowadays, I stick to developing a loose outline and mostly allowing things to happen within and around it. Does that make sense?

    • Yes Bonny, makes sense to me. Events happen that we can’t predict and we need to check in with ourselves to see how we need to course correct. We can’t fight what is. We need to ask if this can actually help us in some unexpected way. It’s all about being in the moment. Life’s an interesting journey!

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