Changing Perspective

earth-11009_640Changing Perspective  How do you change your perspective when you get stuck?

I’d like to share an exercise I do whenever I need to shift my perspective.

This helps me to let go of striving and willfulness so that I am now free to changing my perspective. I can then question the habitual view and drop into surrender. I am able to be in the world, no one important than anything else, I am woven into the fabric of All That Is. I can now drop my importance as an individual. I become one of many beings, spinning on a big ball through space. I feel my place as a tiny cell in this organism of Love.

1. Imagine all your attention is focused like when you are reading. This narrow focus is a type of tunnel vision, all of your focus is fixated. This activates the left, reasoning brain. Just feel this in your eyes and brain as you

2. shift focus to open to peripheral vision, expanding a softer gaze, letting in more of the surrounding area of vision. Notice the amount of willpower it took to focus in the narrower vision than to see peripherally.

3. Repeat each type of vision, shifting from one to another and observe the difference. Notice how you are changing perspective.

4. Now imagine you can see 360 degrees around you, as if you also had eyes in the back of your head and that with both sets of eyes you could see peripherally but holistically. Just explore this, feeling the sensation. Notice if you feel softer, less willful, more energetically diffuse. Just become aware of everything around you but not anything specifically. Breathe and continue just being in this space with nothing to do but be present.

5. Shift to narrow focus to feel what happens. What feels more familiar to you? Shift again to peripheral and then to 360. Continue to breathe.

Practice this often and enjoy your path to surrender!

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