Fear or Peace – It’s Your Choice


Fear or Peace – It’s Your Choice

You awaken in the morning. You brush the grogginess from your mind.You stretch your body. Before your feet hit the floor, you unconsciously set into motion how your day will proceed. You chose consciously or unconsciously what you create today. Affirm your power as an enlightened creator. It’s time to make a choice, one that comes from the deepest wisdom within you. The big question of the day – do you want to live in fear or peace?

In our most powerful moments, we easily chose peace. When tired and distracted by the repetition our daily tasks, we become lulled into unconsciousness. Our choices devolve into unconscious reactions. When fear knocks on our door, we let it in before recognizing this new visitor. Often it is a visitor that refuses to leave. We have forgotten that we are empowered beings who can make a choice. Now, what do we do???

What to do? It’s time to make a choice.

Know there is a power within us. The more we strengthen this awareness, the more powerful it gets. There are many skills you can learn to support your ability to chose wisely. Are you ready to learn them? Or will you allow despair to overwhelm you and steal your power? If you are not choosing wisely, affirm you can learn skills and make choices based on that affirmation.

Pause throughout the day to remember our TrueNature and ask for it to enlighten our minds and hearts. Mindful living our builds strength, courage and resolve to choose peace. What will you choose today? It’s all up to you. Make a powerful choice and live by it. Enjoy it. Remind yourself there are resources at your disposal to support your decision.

Holding you in peace, love, and compassion, wise one, as you go through your day. Use your power wisely. Live in joy and peace.

Don’t let fear take up residence in you. Live your Wise Self in ever aspect of your life. For more information on empowerment skills needed to live a Soul-Guided Life, click here.

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