Mindfulness – Managing the Chaos of Modern Life

Today’s world requires methods of managing stress and finding emotional balance. The fast pace of everyday life, with numerous demands on our time and energy, often leaves us frazzled and anxious. Our minds are always busy, analyzing, evaluating and planning.

The nature of the mind is to think. Its ability to move quickly is both gift and a challenge: how to manage the speed and insistence of the mind when calm is needed?

When were not busy with those activities, we are worrying how to get everything done. Is there a cure for our modern lifestyle? Mindfulness to the rescue!

Mindfulness Meditation has been called a healthy coping skill for the chaos of modern life. It reduces stress, lower blood pressure, and enhances contentment. It can manage anxiety, improves focus, increases creativity, and reduces burnout.

Mindfulness Meditation is a technique to use the nature of the mind to calm us, and a practice for deeper spiritual connection and guidance. People who practice mindfulness report their awareness increases and they become more effective.

People who practice mindfulness report their awareness increases and they become more effective. Click To Tweet

Here are some tips for finding calm through an inquiry style of mindfulness.

Steps to inner calm

  • witness the anxiety or worry-name it acknowledge it
  • stop & breathe- find the breath in the body- come home to yourself
  • listen for self-judgment look for abusive dialogue under the anxiety (your inner critic)
  • lovingly hold that frightened part of self
  • follow-up with energy exercises, essential oils, flower essences

This is just one style of mindfulness. If you are dealing with a challenging time in your life or feeling very anxious, a guided practice maybe what you need rather than self-guided practice. This is like having a guide to help lead your mind to calm.

If you have ever wanted to learn how to be more present, a mindfulness class is for you! Have you been to my Online Learning Center yet? There you can register for a self-study program, complete with recordings of meditations, which are yours to save to help support your practice. I also offer a Mentored Program, which includes the classes and audios as in the self-study program, and includes individual Skype sessions to answer your specific questions and ensure your success with your practice.

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