Transform Fear

Fear is your call to transform. Have you heard the call but ignored it? It often arises to get your attention. Something is disturbing your entire being, but you ignore it. It can’t give you any bigger warnings… you break out in a sweat, your heart races, your jaw and neck tighten, and your head is pounding.  It is saying “What more must I do to get your attention that something needs changing?” 

It’s just a warning sign to be on the lookout – there is danger ahead. You are not feeling safe on some level of your being. Sometimes there is a real danger- a car driving too close as you cross the street. Sometimes it is an imagined danger- a scenario we dream up, a story we tell ourselves from past experiences. We want to either fight, retreat or freeze.

What makes it so difficult for people to face their fear? I’ve found 3 big reasons.

1. They don’t think they can eliminate their reactions to it. It feels like a part of them. They’ve had it for so long, have tried to eliminate it without results, and have lost hope they can ever change it.

2. They try to run from it, ignore it, numb it or fixate on it. Spoiler alert- it always comes back.

3. They feel so much shame that it grows out of control and they become too embarrassed to ask for help. They feel inept, even defective. They blame themselves for the pain and the cycle continues.

Fear from this frozen place makes you feel powerless because movement is life. They get stuck and can’t find their way to freedom.

Look at it differently to break free from the cycle. Look for the message behind the fear. Fear can be your friend, alerting you that something needs to change. What isn’t working in your life that is being invited to change?

Search for your answer and follow its advice. Your wisdom is talking to you!

If you can’t face your fear, you’ll never know your power.

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