The Tapping Solution to Defuse Stress

Winding down on the “contents” for the Emotional First Aid Kit….Tapping is a wonderful technique for alleviating stress and emotional pain. I utilize this technique with clients (and for myself) because it works! This video will show you how to use this technique for emergency situations, but you must practice it so you know how to use it when you really need it. And why not? It is great to use it every day so that you can eliminate your daily stress -no need for stress to build up into chronic distress. For everyday use, you will need more guidance to use it efficiently, but for emotional first aid, just tapping the points will eliminate your stress level.

Directions for use: tap each point at least 5-7 times. This technique can be done with or without words. For emergency situations, it isn’t necessary to use words. Remember to breathe as you tap on the points. Notice if you sigh or if your breathing changes. We hold onto our breath when we are stressed. So when we feel our breathing slow down, we know that our nervous system is releasing stress. Try if for yourself.

List of points (see video for demonstration)
inner eyebrow point
outside corner of eye
under eye
under nose
top of head

I am so thrilled that you are on this journey with me to eliminate stress in the world…do your part by utilizing all the techniques in the Kit. Now go and be happy! Go do some tapping!EFT -The Tapping Solution to Defuse StressThe Tapping Solution to Difuse Stress

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